Meet the Team

Our team is made up of a core of highly qualified & experienced consultants with brilliant talent and committed to providing quality services to our global customers who only has accolades and applauses for the hard work and innovation we put to our deliveries.


ur consultant includes a range of professional qualifications offers outstanding expertise, experience and superior client-driven top talent with an insight of agility, efficiency and consistency.

  • Aismad Mansor (Lead Consultant)
  • Evelyn Abdullah (Merchandising & Business Development)
  • Hasanah Abdul Rahman (Admin & Finance)
  • Mohamad Nizam Bin Mohamed Idris (System Support)
  • Nur Atikah Binti Mohd Mua’at (System Support)
  • Jimmy Lee (Finance & Legal)
  • Onn Khairuddin Ismail (Omni Channel, Eco system Design, Build & Integration)
  • Mohd Shaiza (Omni Channel, Eco system Design, Build & Integration)

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