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Retail Consulting
We are a team of experience, proven performance and expertise for its retail consulting. All of whom have held positions of responsibility in highly successful retail companies. We can easily integrate seamlessly with client teams to craft highly effective growth and performance improvement strategies.

Given our practical experience, we can work in hands collaboration with our clients to ensure effective execution. Our retail consulting team has been built to address any issues in any aspects of retailing from real estate, store design and construction, to inventory planning, control and allocation, to assortment planning and sourcing, trade and non-trade vendor negotiation and planning, to visual merchandising and retail online and offline marketing, omni channel system planning and implementation, to all aspects of store operations, back office support, warehouse and supply chain support and hiring pioneer staff.

We have worked with widely diverse product categories from fresh, chilled, frozen, grocery, nonfood in both hard and soft goods, and at all price points from close out to luxury. We welcome new challenges and are consistently applying proven approaches to all types retail consulting business especially FMCG.

We offer a full range of consulting services to retail, e commerce, whole sale and omni-channel businesses, as well works with organization that invest in the consumer sector. We share an obsession with delivering measurable results to our clients quickly with high payback on the investment in our engagements.

TSMC Edar Sdn Bhd services includes:

  • Assortment Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Back Office Support
  • Consumer Research
  • Field Management Program
  • Inventory Planning and Control
  • New Retail Concept Development
  • Real Estate Site Selection
  • Retail Executive Search
  • Retail Information Technology
  • Retail Interim Management
  • Retail Licensing
  • Retail Marketing – Online and Offline
  • Retail Performance Improvement
  • Retail Store Operations
  • Retail Strategic Planning
  • Staff recruitment and Structure
  • Store Design/ Construction
  • Supply Chain Planning and Development
  • Visual Merchandising and Planning

Wholesale Channel
While vertical structures offer both financial and brand control advantages, the contribution of wholesale distribution to third party retailers remains exceptionally important to the success of omni-channel strategies. We have an extensive experience and expertise in managing this channel to maximize financial performance and ensure that brands and represented in a consistent manner.
We provide expert assistance in the choice of wholesale customer partners and the sales and marketing strategies to develop loyal and profitable brand supporters. Our team has a deep expertise in the all-important support functions necessary to service these complex customer relationships and earn brand respect for quality and reliability.

We have successfully support client development of:

  • Inventory Planning and Control
  • Line Planning
  • Sales Projections
  • Strategic Planning
  • Wholesale Performance Improvement

Omni Channel
As in all forms retailing, success in the direct channels, both e commerce and catalog, begins with well develop strategy built on expert understanding of multi-channel marketing, mandatory requirements for success and an opportunity to develop competitive advantage in the marketplace. We assisting our clients in strategy and to provide practical experience and expertise using hands on assistance in all aspects of execution. Many have quickly adopted and evolving into an omni channel distribution with focus on managing and maximizing the productivity of customer relationship across all channels and through all media. We have been an ideal partner in an ideal partner in teaching those skills while working with client’s team.

We have successfully support client development of:

  • Omni Channel Integration
  • Omni Channel Back Office Support
  • Omni Channel Marketing

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